Third Party Tools and Services - FAQ

What is this all about? Why did this all get started? In general, what kind of tools and services are acceptable? Why is this an issue? Can you give me some examples of acceptable tools and services? In general, what kinds of tools and services are prohibited? Can you give some examples of tools and services which are prohibited? What about other analysis software that exists but are not permitted at all times? Can you give me some examples of these tools and services which aren’t appropriate for use during play? There's a tool / service I'd like to use, but it's not on any of these lists. Now what? Are all of the tools and services on the permitted list safe to use? Are the above lists subject to change? May I use a permitted tools and service to record information about players from hands in which I am not playing? What steps are you going to take to prevent players from using prohibited tools and services? Are you going to look for anything else on players' computers? Can you see my internet browsing history, documents, or other private files and information? Some prohibited services listed above are internet web sites, especially those revolving around datamining. What steps do you take to stop their use? Can you make any changes to the files on my computer? Are you going to confiscate the account funds of somebody running a prohibited tool or service? I’m a developer, is there anywhere I can get more information about your policies?